Your First Week With InvisalignInvisalign treatments allow users to get the straight teeth that they’ve always dreamed of, without using braces or other, less discreet, oral appliances. While Invisalign doesn’t protrude out from the teeth like traditional braces do, having something on your teeth can still take some getting used to! However, many patients find that Invisalign gives them the best of both worlds––they can eat their favorite foods and not experience the many downfalls of standard braces while still achieving straight teeth!

Adjusting to the Feel of Invisalign

For the first few weeks, you may be especially aware of the aligner’s presence in your mouth, but you will eventually become accustomed to the feeling. However, some discomfort is natural at the beginning. You may feel a tightness, or a slight pain, in certain areas of your mouth. This is just because the aligners are beginning to move your teeth.

It’s most important that you don’t take your trays out. Doing so will only prolong the discomfort, and it will also hinder your treatment. You should aim to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, or more, if possible. They should only be taken out when eating or drinking anything besides water, and when cleaning your teeth. The small blue indicators on the sides of the aligners will provide a clear answer to whether or not you’re wearing them enough.

Even if you are tempted to take them out due to discomfort, don’t! You will eventually adjust.

Speaking With Aligners

For many Invisalign wearers, they notice a small lisp when they first start using their aligners. This occurs because the mouth and tongue are not used to the feel or the slightly altered interior of your mouth. The aligners are much smoother than your teeth, and your tongue will need to adjust to speaking with this new material in the mouth.

If you feel insecure about speaking with aligners, remember that it’s only temporary! In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process of getting used to them. You can practice saying words or sounds that you have difficulty with when you have some time to yourself. Words with “s,” “th,” or similar sounds all pose difficulty. Try reading aloud to yourself, as well!

Eating Food with Aligners

Food and aligners, quite simply, don’t mix! Every time you grab a bite to eat, take out your aligners and run them under water to clean them. After you finish eating, place your aligners back into your mouth. Always be sure to push your aligners up into your teeth so that they are able to work to their fullest extent.

If food, or a non-water drink, is able to get into your aligners, the sugars can exacerbate tooth decay. If particles of food are in contact with your teeth and are not removed, such as would happen if you ate without taking your aligners out, then you are placing your teeth at risk. Additionally, some foods or drinks may stain your aligners. Simply remove your aligners before you eat and rinse your mouth out with clean water before putting them back in to keep your teeth free of stray food particles!

Do not remove your aligners at random. They must be worn day and night to be most effective. Be honest with your orthodontist about how much you are wearing them, as well as any questions or concerns you may have.

If you take good care of your aligners, you will be that much closer to your dream smile. If you think that Invisalign might be right for you, or if you have any questions about your treatment, we are happy to help. Schedule your appointment at Brooklawn Dental Associates, P.C. today!