5 reasons everyone needs regular dental careThere’s a lot we can do on our own for proper dental hygiene, but there are certain aspects of regular care that only your dentist is able to perform. The skill, training, and equipment your dentist possesses can prevent cavities, save you money on future care, improve your smile, on top of saving you a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Here are five important reasons making regular visits to your dentist’s office is a sound investment!

1. Prevention is the best medicine

Doing your own daily oral care is one of the most important parts of how you take care of your teeth and gums. But, personal oral hygiene alone cannot prevent every problem that can arise with your dentition. Hidden cavities, impacted teeth, and risk factors for other conditions that only your dentist can diagnose make professional care a necessity.

2. Avoid unwelcome surprises

Sudden toothaches and other dental emergencies can arise with very little warning. When emergencies arise it can cut into your work time, vacation time, time with family, and other important events that you do not want to miss out on. College students, executives, parents- and many others frequently cannot afford to be distracted from their responsibilities- and trying to power through them with a painful problem with your teeth or gums can be absolutely miserable. Making regular visits to your dentist can keep you from have to make an emergency appointment- or worse- have to wait to fit into your dentist’s busy schedule.

3. Because your smile matters

It may not be fair, but people judge each other according to their appearance. When it comes to projecting competence and confidence, having a healthy smile is key. We tend to presume that people with visible damage to their teeth are somehow less capable than those with bright beautiful smiles. And just as important as the appearance of your smile is the quality of your breath. Bad breath can be a real conversation stopper! We may not like the superficiality of it, but having a bright, white smile means you’re more likely to get that job, get the promotion, and make a good impression.

4. Clear communication

Damage to our teeth or gums can affect the way we form our words when we speak. If the quality of our speech is altered or impaired by the condition of our teeth it can make it hard to be understood. Swelling, misaligned teeth, and other conditions can usually be prevented and kept to a minimum should they occur.

5. Good dental care can save your life

Open sores and plaque in your mouth can complicate or exacerbate other conditions- especially heart disease and high blood pressure. And of course, a person’s mouth is also one of the commonest places where cancerous tumors can develop. These conditions and others can be difficult to detect without the aid of a professional- and by making regular visits to your dentist or oral hygienist, you just might find that your dedication to having healthy teeth can save your life!