Cosmetic Issues Dental Bonding Can Fix

May 23, 2022

If your teeth’s appearance compels you to smile with pursed lips, you might want to learn more about dental bonding in Bridgeport. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can help you get that bright, white smile you’ve always wanted. Setting up a personalized consultation with a qualified cosmetic dentist will help you determine if this treatment is your best option. 

Cosmetic bonding refers to a restorative process of addressing dental issues using composite resin that matches your smile’s exact shade. Since bonding can be completed in one visit, it’s one of the most convenient and affordable ways to improve and protect tooth and gum health. We’re here to talk about the dental issues cosmetic bonding can treat.  

dentist about to perform dental bonding in Bridgeport

What Dental Problems Can Dental Bonding Fix?


Although a professional teeth whitening treatment can address most types of teeth stains, it can’t fix the most stubborn types of discoloration. For instance, dark-colored stains due to certain medications or white spots caused by fluorosis may need a different approach. Besides hiding the discoloration, dental bonding can give your smile a more uniform look.  

Minor Chips or Cracks

Having an “oops” moment that resulted in a chipped or cracked tooth happens to the best of us. Composite resin bonding can help fix the small chips or fissures that keep you from flashing your best smile during job interviews or first dates. The dentist molds the tooth-colored material over the chipped or cracked tooth to restore its natural color and shape.  

Decayed Teeth

Gone are the days when dentists used a mixture of metals called silver amalgam to fill cavities. Besides interfering with people’s smiles, these dark-colored fillings can also cause staining, discoloration, and tooth sensitivity. Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, dental care providers renew weak and decayed teeth by bonding composite resin material directly to them. 

Moreover, dentists carefully color-match the resin to your natural teeth to ensure that the restoration seamlessly blends with your smile.

patient with dental bonding in Bridgeport

Gaps Between Teeth

While gaps between your front teeth can be distracting, they can also cause your other teeth to shift until you get a misaligned bite. If your teeth aren’t correctly aligned, the forces from chewing or closing your mouth will increase your risk of having chipped or cracked teeth. Additionally, gaps also increase your risk of oral infections because the food particles and plaque caught between teeth promote the growth and spread of bacteria. 

If you think that braces and clear aligners are the only solutions to gapped teeth, think again. With cosmetic dental bonding, your dentist can close the space by skillfully applying and sculpting the biocompatible resin material to the teeth surrounding the gap.  

Misshapen Teeth

While a misshapen tooth can be significantly smaller than a normal tooth, it can also be shaped differently from its surrounding teeth. In most cases, misshapen teeth result from abnormal growth during the tooth’s development due to the following: 

Whether you have jagged, uneven, or crooked teeth, be glad to know that your dentist can use composite resin to reshape the structure of your one or more misshapen teeth to create a beautiful smile.

Considering Dental Bonding in Bridgeport?

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